Has 'Selling Sunset' Been Renewed For Season 6? Here's What We Know

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Has 'Selling Sunset' Been Renewed For Season 6? Here's What We Know

Has the sun set on Selling Sunset? The moody Season 5 finale certainly left the show's future feeling uncertain. By the time the credits rolled, Vanessa, Chrishell, and Christine's futures with The Oppenheim Group were all unclear. Meanwhile, Maya left in the ninth episode of the season. With so many departures — and Chrishell and Jason's big breakup — a Season 6 of Selling Sunset didn't feel like a given.

As of writing, Netflix has yet to officially renew the series, but a reunion episode is coming to the streamer on May 6. Earlier this month, E! News reported the episode will be filmed on April 24, and most of the cast is expected to take part in the special which will be hosted by Queer Eye's Tan France. Given how many plot threads were left dangling in the Season 5 finale, the potential for drama is high.

In addition to getting some answers about Emma's allegation that Christine bribed one of her clients and how Chrishell and Jason are doing post-breakup, the reunion could give viewers an idea about the show's future. For her part, newcomer Chelsea is looking forward to everyone hashing out their differences together.

"I'm actually just really excited," she told Women's Health in a recent interview. "Once all the girls have watched the season, I think people's opinions and emotions and things kind of heighten and change and evolve. There's going to be a lot of difficult conversations the girls want to have, and I'm just excited to have them so we can clear the air."

Despite the finality that a reunion episode suggests, Selling Sunset seems poised to return for Season 6... and maybe Season 7, too. Way back in January, a source told Us Weekly that the hit reality show had been renewed for two more seasons. However, the news hasn't been confirmed by Netflix, and I totally understand if you won't rest easy until the streamer makes the news official.

For now, viewers who are eager for more The Oppenheimer Group action won't have to wait long thanks to the reunion. If we're extra lucky, then maybe Netflix will finally confirm those two-season renewal rumors during the special — if there's time after the Christine vs. the world fallout that's sure to ensue.

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