Chrishell Stause Quietly Revealed A Lot About 'Selling Sunset' Season 5

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Chrishell Stause Quietly Revealed A Lot About 'Selling Sunset' Season 5

Chrishell Stause has just released her new memoir titled Under Construction and while most people are focusing on her recent revelations about the juicy details of her divorce from Justin Hartley – I, a stan of resident short king Jason Oppenheim, am focused on what she said about next season of Selling Sunset while hyping her memoir.

Among the many places she stopped on her press tour, Watch What Happens Live definitely made her divulge the most interesting plot points we will see play out on our favorite Netflix docu-soap, thanks to a messy Andy Cohen and a strong cocktail.

In a lightening round of questions, Andy got her to react to questions about multiple exes, her status at The O Group. and the messiness among her feuding co-stars.

Here's what Chrishell accidentally or on-purpose revealed about Season 5 of Selling Sunset.

Suspicion about her relationship with Jason

Andy pointed out that many people (mainly me) think that since her relationship with Jason was so brief and the breakup was announced just days after filming for the latest season wrapped – it was a PR stunt to get people to stream the hit.

Chrishell, who previously explained that their relationship ended because they couldn't agree on a future that included children, stuck with the notion that they were in fact, really dating.

She told Andy that, had her relationship with Jason been a PR stint, it would've been better executed. She made the excellent point that if it was for press, then they would at least say together until the new season premiered. Something tells me the validity of this romance will be a solid storyline.

Post-breakup awkwardness

When asked if there was any awkwardness between them now that they are no longer together she said no, with the exception of "alcohol being involved."

This is especially interesting considering the fact that Chrishell's friend and Jason's other ex, Mary Fitzgerald, recently told US Weekly that the hot Oppenheim brother er, I mean, Jason is still madly in love with the actress. Will Jason's lingering feelings come into play next season?

Preferential treatment for Chrishell instead of Mary?

One of the plotlines in the early seasons of the show was that Mary got first dibs on the good listings because she and J-Daddy used to date.

Andy asked Chrishell if she now has that benefit, considering she is the most recent ex, to which she cheekily responded that she "hopes so."

According to some of the listings she's put on the gram it appears that she is getting some pretty expensive real estate to earn better commish on – which may leave the other ladies feeling a way about it.

More Mary and Christine drama

Chrishell was asked about the recent comments made by Mary. Mary had said that she understands why people think Christine Quinn may have used a surrogate. Chrishell was a bit hesitant to directly speak on the touchy subject but it was clear that we may see even more confrontation between Mary and Christine next season.

Heather Young may be moving on

Heather Rae Young finally married Tarek el Moussa after an engagement that seemed to go by in dog years, and Andy wanted to know if Heather will be doing the newly announced Selling the OC spin-off considering that's where she and Tarek live and work.

Chrishell confirmed that Mrs. El Moussa is going back and forth between the offices.

Will Heather ultimately bow out of the sunset and bite into an orange? This is a double entendre that I want to explain... it means she could quit both of the offices and audition for Real Housewives of Orange County, like some fans want her to.

Selling Sunset Season 5 has already been filmed ... all we need now is a release date.

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