Let’s Imagine A Reality Where Ben Affleck & Emma Are A Couple On 'Selling Sunset'

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Let’s Imagine A Reality Where Ben Affleck & Emma Are A Couple On 'Selling Sunset'

Look, I can't prove Emma Hernan turning down Ben Affleck paved the way for Bennifer 2.0... but let's all agree the newly engaged celebs owe her a bouquet for not standing in the way of destiny. In Season 5 of Selling Sunset, Emma revealed to Chrishell Stause that Affleck slid into her DMs on Raya with an opening line about their shared home state of Massachusetts. The former Batman was eager to get a coffee, but the empanada mogul turned him down.

But what if she hadn't? Emma is an entrepreneur with a successful line of frozen empanadas, a luxury real estate agent, and she almost went to the Olympics. On top of all that, she's family-oriented, as evidenced by her desire to move her mom out to Los Angeles to be closer to her.

Her laidback coolness (well, as laidback as a person who routinely flies around on a private jet can be) combined with her business prowess means she and Affleck would have been a total power couple. And since she's a vegan, she probably couldn't have helped him give up his beloved Dunkin' Donuts. In return, he could have scored her an invite to the Oscars. Imagine seeing the unlikely duo walking down the red carpet arm-in-arm, it would have been a reality TV-big screen star match made in Hollywood heaven.

At the same time, I can't be too mad about living in a world where Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are getting a second chance to live happily ever after. The two officially announced their engagement on April 8, and it made my early '00s-loving heart sing. With no Gigli 2 on the horizon to force them apart with its horribleness, the star-crossed actors might actually make it down the aisle this time.

There's no denying the alternate universe where Bemma is the hottest Hollywood ship around is appealing, but the miracle that is Bennifer 2.0 is too perfect/unexpected to wish away. Thanks to Emma passing on those coffee dates with Affleck, the Oscar-winner remained open to reconnecting with JLo when the time came. Plus, if Emma had fallen for Affleck, she never would have given Micah a second look, which would have been a shame because their chemistry in Season 5 is next level.

In the end, this timeline is pretty great, but I will forever be imagining Affleck endorsing Emma's vegan empanadas in a lovey-dovey Instagram post now.

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