John Mulaney DOES owe us something

BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I’m sick of all these thinkpieces about why John Mulaney owes us nothing. I totally get that some things are private and he shouldn’t have to go into deep detail about his personal life. However, the notion that we should just sit here and not have any questions about a man who’s life has so drastically changed in the past year is absolutely ridiculous. It’s not like he is living a recluse life where he is asking us to respect his privacy and we’re trying to hack his cloud to find a semblance of what he’s up to. This is a man who is doing interviews, going on friggin tour, posting and appearing on social a LOT more than before and is now choosing to host at his alma mater. He’s willingly thrusting himself into the spotlight and asking for our time, attention, and money. Not to mention his poor traumatized ex-wife who basically admitted she’s had to pick up the pieces of her life after this man divorced her after insisting on not wanting kids the years they were together. So excuse me if I want him to do a little bit more than a funny sketch and a monologue about adjusting to dad life. AND IF THAT MAKES ME THE VILLAIN SO BE ITTTTTTTTTTTT.