Why That Video Of Hal Cooper On 'Riverdale' Is A Huge Deal

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Why That Video Of Hal Cooper On 'Riverdale' Is A Huge Deal

In the town of Riverdale, you're considered lucky if you can confidently say that your parents haven't killed anyone. Unfortunately, Betty Cooper has no such luck. In the Season 5 premiere of Riverdale, titled "Climax," Betty is once again forced to remember that her dear old dad, the late Hal Cooper, was the deeply disturbed serial killer the Black Hood... and revisit the very moment in which the monster was made.

In the new episode, Betty and boyfriend/pseudo stepbrother Jughead are investigating the identity of the newly-nicknamed villain "The Auteur," who has been sending the Riverdale gang disturbing tapes that reenact some of their town's most heinous crimes.

Image: The CW

Betty and Jughead figure out that the Auteur may be at a secret underground rave which screens NSFW videos, which includes the couple's secretly-recorded sex tape (illegal and bad!) and potentially even snuff films. In order to get an invite to the party, Betty needs to trade a tape of her own. When her faux snuff film doesn't pass the test (it features Cheryl in a curly brown wig and Reggie in leather daddy gear?) she uses her backup tape: one of her dad Hal essentially becoming the Black Hood.

The tape is insanely disturbing on its face, but you may need a refresher as to how, exactly, it fits in to the overall narrative. As it turns out, this might be the most disturbing lore than Riverdale has ever offered—and yeah, that includes the fact that the characters spent an entire season battling an organ-harvesting cult leader.

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