Forget Bughead & Barchie On 'Riverdale', Why Haven't We Gotten Vughead?

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Forget Bughead & Barchie On 'Riverdale', Why Haven't We Gotten Vughead?

Every Riverdale fan has an opinion on Barchie, Bughead, and Varchie. After spending seasons living in the era of Bughead and Varchie, Betty and Archie fans are finally getting their time in the sun post seven year time jump, with the childhood BFFs indulging in — as Betty put it in a recent episode — what they've "wanted to do since they were 15," but "never quite got around to it."

But there's another ship the series has yet to fully explore on Riverdale: Veronica and Jughead, aka Vughead. It's the most forgotten couple in the love square, and the one pairing that feels the most wrong.

I mean it. If you came to me from the future and told me that Season 16 of Riverdale features Veronica and Betty's chic wedding, I'd get it. If you told me that Vughead was officially a thing, I'd send you back in your time machine in order to fetch me better intel.

It's been almost exactly three years since Riverdale's "The Hills Have Eyes" aired, which included a brief kiss between Jughead and Veronica. Yet this wasn't a Vughead plot point. It meant nothing to the characters. In fact, the kiss was solely orchestrated in order to ease tensions between the core four after learning that Barchie shared a kiss earlier in the season.

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The real reason the Vughead ship seems so out of reach to me isn't because there's no chemistry between Veronica and Jughead. Certainly Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse, who portray the characters and are ridiculously charming people, could make steamy scenes happen between their characters if they wanted to. It's because, at times, it seems like the two are barely friends, despite being intimately connected via the core four's insular circle.

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