There Was No Other Way To End The 'Riverdale' Love Square

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There Was No Other Way To End The 'Riverdale' Love Square

It's the end of an era. Thanks to the Season 5 episode "Graduation," Riverdale's time as a teen drama is officially over. With the pending seven-year time jump, there will officially be no more cheerleading squad, or football games, or proms — Riverdale's future episodes will be all about adulting now.

Just as the teens of Riverdale wrapped up their high school lives, so, too, did the show wrap up a trope of the teen drama: the love triangle between Betty, Archie, and Veronica. Or, rather, the love square, with the show's narrator Jughead also in the mix as Betty's boyfriend.

This romantic drama between the core group of friends resolved itself in a way that many viewers likely found surprising, but ultimately, made plenty of sense to set up a Riverdale that really wants to leave its past behind.

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In the Season 5 episode — which would have been the Season 4 finale had the coronavirus pandemic allowed the show to film on schedule — Jughead tells Betty that he suspects something is up between Veronica and Archie, who haven't quite been the same since prom. Betty finally realizes the truth: Veronica knows about what happened between her and Archie, and so, Betty comes clean and tells Jughead that she and Archie kissed while working together on the variety show.

It's a moment that could have led to a major blowup between the couple. Jughead and Betty have been rock solid as of late, which makes the whole thing feel even more like a betrayal. That's not even counting the fact that Archie is Jughead's best friend, and Veronica is Betty's.

Image: The CW
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