Your 'Riverdale' Season 5 Bingo Card Predicts A Truly Chaotic Remainder Of The Season

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Your 'Riverdale' Season 5 Bingo Card Predicts A Truly Chaotic Remainder Of The Season

We’re halfway there. Season 5 of Riverdale is officially at the midway point, and we are officially no closer to getting any answers about the Mothmen, the Lonely Highway Killer, or Hiram Lodge’s grand plan to ruin Riverdale for good. The remaining episodes of this season have set up a ton of mystery, and, with the exception of learning that Fangs and Kevin are the fathers of Toni’s baby (though, come to think of it, it’s still unclear which dad is the biological dad) we haven’t exactly figured out all that much. Like, is Polly alive? Are Juniper and Dagwood serial killers in the making? And will Jughead ever shave his mustache?!? Please?

Image: The CW

Fortunately, with another slate of episodes heading our way starting in August, we have plenty of time to muse on whether it’s really aliens terrorizing Riverdale (it's definitely not) or something else entirely.

There’s so much we can’t predict about the back half of Season 5 of Riverdale... but of course, as any good scholar of this chaotic show can attest, there’s quite a lot we can. It’s basic science. (Or is it math? I bet the kids educated by the new teachers at Riverdale High have no idea, either.) That’s why we at The Dipp put together a bingo card, which is your perfect companion for viewing the next 10 or so episodes of Riverdale.

See how many you can check off before Season 5 bows out!

Images: The CW, The Dipp

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