Here's How Sabrina Spellman Made Her 'Riverdale' Debut

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Here's How Sabrina Spellman Made Her 'Riverdale' Debut

Riverdale, Sabrina Spellman has officially arrived. Or, should I say, Rivervale.

The teen witch made her first appearance on The CW series in the Season 6 episode "The Witching Hour(s)," and obviously, it was to assist her longtime softball team friend Cheryl (Sabrina's words!) in a very special spell. While it's unclear if Sabrina's presence in Rivervale will spill over in anyway to what's happening in the Riverdale timeline (assuming they're not one and the same), in this version of reality, Sabrina has made her way over from Greendale to make sure that the body switch spell between Cheryl and her grandmother Nana Blossom goes smoothly...and that Cheryl dies in the process. It's a spell of transference that Sabrina learned from her dear cousin Ambrose.

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Crazy? Yes! But here's the thing: In Rivervale, Cheryl is not actually Cheryl. Instead, the person we know as Cheryl is actually Abigail Blossom, who has used multiple names throughout the years in order to hide the fact that she was cursed with immortality by an evil warlock, way back in the late 1800s. Sabrina and Cheryl want to switch Cheryl's soul with a dying Nana Blossom, so that Cheryl can die peacefully and go be with her deceased love Tomisina. Nana, therefore, regains her youth by living in the body once occupied by Cheryl/Abigail.

It's also worth noting that Sabrina's time on Riverdale isn't just shocking for fans of The CW series — it should also be surprising for those who watched Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, where this version of the iconic Archie Comics character originated. After all, in the final episode of that show, Sabrina walked into the reality devouring "Void," and seemingly died for good — she even got a whole afterlife sequence with her boyfriend Nick. Sabrina teases her fate on Riverdale, reminding audiences that witches never die, they're just transformed.

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It also appears that Sabrina may stick around to help teach a new crop of witches her ways — including Britta, who, apparently, has traded in football for archery and magic. With just one episode left of the Season 6 event series, it's possible that Sabrina's presence will finally explain exactly what we're doing in Rivervale in the first place. Is this merely a fun, inconsequential pit stop on the way to the rest of Season 6, or something much more significant — and possibly even darker?

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