Melody's Book 'Summer Storm' In 'Riverdale' Is A Nod To Asha Bromfield's Real Novel

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Melody's Book 'Summer Storm' In 'Riverdale' Is A Nod To Asha Bromfield's Real Novel

After seasons without the original Pussycats, Josie, Val, and Melody reunited for a very special (and musical!) episode of Riverdale. While those of us who watched Katy Keene already know that Josie was inevitably going to scratch her way to the top of the musical charts after being a struggling artist in NYC, Riverdale's "The Return of the Pussycats" played catch up with Val and Melody, too. Val is an actress and activist, while Melody is a YA novelist whose book Summer Storm is already in talks to be made into a film with Tyler Perry. Basically, the Pussycats are thriving, even if they're still rightfully salty at Josie (and, let's be honest, the town of Riverdale) for forgetting that they existed.

If Melody's newfound passion for writing came out of left field for you, it's because the actress who portrays her, Locke & Key alum Asha Bromfield, is also a successful YA author. Her debut novel, Hurricane Summer, was just published in May, and tells the story of a young girl who visits her father's home country of Jamaica to uncover dark secrets — all while awaiting an impending hurricane. While we don't know what Summer Storm is about, the title alone is a sweet nod to Bromfield's real-life career.

Bromfield took to Instagram to share a sweet note about the upcoming episode of Riverdale, alongside her fellow Pussycats Ashleigh Murray and Hayley Law.

"This upcoming episode for #riverdale is for all the black and brown girls who have felt left out of the narrative," she wrote. "Who for too long, have been overlooked. Overshadowed. For centuries the world has feared our power, our magic and our gifts. Our beauty. Our resilience. But as the global collective gives birth to a new world, it is our time to RISEEE."

She also shared a second series of photos of her with the Riverdale cast, writing in the caption, "I have so much love for these amazing women! My fellow goddesses in their power. So much love and hard work went into this episode."

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This isn't the first time Riverdale nodded towards one of their own's real-life work. Earlier this year, the show introduced the character Britta, the lone girl on Archie's football team. The character, played by Kyra Leroux, is a reference to former Riverdale writer Britta Lundin's YA novel Like Other Girls, which is about a teenage girl who joins the football team in order to prove she's a "team player."

Summer may be almost over, but it's never too late to add these Riverdale works to your reading list next.

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