Hayley Law Teases 'Riverdale' Return & "Closure" For Valerie Brown

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Hayley Law Teases 'Riverdale' Return & "Closure" For Valerie Brown

On Riverdale, everyone knows Varchie is the combination of Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Archie (KJ Apa), but Varchie could maybe mean something different in the future. Valerie Brown (played by Hayley Law) bonded with Archie over their shared love of songwriting back in Season 2, and with Season 5 around the corner, could the high school jock and the Josie & the Pussycats bassist hit it off again?

When Hayley and I spoke, she didn't give any details about Varchie, but she did tease that she finally got some "closure."

Below, Hayley tells me about her return to Riverdale – we talk about which cast members are friends in real life and what it was like returning to set after her final scene wrapped in 2018 – and we discuss her Tribeca Film Festival breakout hit Mark, Mary & Some Other People.

Let's get into it.

The Dipp: Congratulations on your new film Mark, Mary & Some Other People. It’s certainly a departure to go from playing a teenage rocker on Riverdale to a grown-up wife in a polyamorous relationship. What other upcoming projects can you share?

Hayley Law: I just wrapped a movie with Avan Jogia and Kate Flowers and it's called Door Mouse. It's about a woman who's a burlesque dancer, and girls go missing at the club and she takes it into her own hands to investigate where they're going, and finds out some real dark stuff. It's a topic that has always been heavy to me and I think it has a really good message. I really believe in this film.

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Did you showcase your voice at all in Door Mouse, and/or when can we see you perform onscreen again?

No, not really. I feel like the burlesque is more of a tone rather than a story point in the film, which is cool. You’re not going to see me sing and dance. That will be for another time, and there will be plenty of that later.

Later, like on Riverdale?

I did go back for one episode. I just finished that. It was really fun. I got to do things in the episode that I haven't done in the whole series, which was great. It was a good farewell. I mean, I don't know if it's a farewell. In my mind, I’m like, "This is a good send-off to the character," because I feel like [before this], there was no closure to Josie & The Pussycats. We just kind of disappeared and this was, for me personally, the closure and the send-off that I needed for Valerie.

I’m so glad you said that because as a fan, that storyline really did just vanish, so I'm really happy we get some closure on it, as you say. So, what was it like for you to return to set with such a close-knit cast?

It was great. I’ve kept in touch with everyone over the years, so it didn’t feel like a big reunion. I still keep in touch with almost everyone. It was just like clockwork.

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Who do you keep in touch with the most?

Hayley Law: That's tough. Everybody is really kind. We all kind of reach out to each other when we book stuff. I talk to Cami and Cole and Ashleigh and KJ and Madeline... everyone, kind of. I feel like everyone's been really supportive throughout the years.

Have any of your former Riverdale costars seen Mark, Mary & Some Other People yet?

Hayley Law: No, but my dad came to the premiere! I was the most nervous that my dad was there. There were so many things I didn't want him to see but he was really sweet, and was a little bit emotional afterwards. It means the most that my dad said I did a good job.

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