Yet Another Reason To Hate Betty's Ex Glen On 'Riverdale'

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Yet Another Reason To Hate Betty's Ex Glen On 'Riverdale'

Betty and Veronica may have passed Archie back and forth throughout high school (and now, adulthood) to less-than-ideal results, but considering what we know about their grown-up relationships, it's kind of hard to blame them for wanting to return to their hometown crush. Veronica's husband Chad (who Veronica killed in self-defense, may we never speak of it again) was pretty controlling, and may or may have not caused their helicopter to crash over Marsha's Vineyard I thought that Betty may have had a better situation with her ex Glen, who, while ultimately kind of a jerk, hardly seemed anywhere near Chad level. Except, in Season 6's "Mr. Cypher," it's revealed that Glen might actually be the worst: Apparently, Glen was married this entire time?!?

Here's how that whole "reveal" — if you can really call it that, considering how casually it was mentioned in the episode — went down. Betty was called into her FBI office in Riverdale to talk to the Trash Bag Killer, only for it to be revealed that it wasn't actually TBK at all, but a version that the Devil (named Louis Cypher, in this episode) conjured up to freak Betty out. Eventually, Betty can't deal with the Devil's trickery, and stabs TBK over and over again. She cuts off the mask, assuming that it will be her face underneath it, considering how the Devil taunted her for being just as evil as the serial killer. Instead, the person under the mask is Glen — and she just killed him.

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