All The Clues That Jellybean Was The Auteur On 'Riverdale'

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All The Clues That Jellybean Was The Auteur On 'Riverdale'

If you ever needed evidence that the kids are out of control on Riverdale, Season 5's "The Preppy Murders" just made it crystal clear. After a long cat-and-mouse game, Jughead's sister Jellybean was finally identified as the Auteur. (Who could have predicted such a thing?!?)

In lieu of a villain monologue, the big Jellybean reveal was met with a hug from her dad F.P. and a whole bunch of sympathy from Riverdale's most capable detectives, a.k.a., pseudo siblings and couple Betty and Jughead. You see, Jellybean didn't mean to hurt anybody, and given that the "murders" committed on camera were just good recreations and not actual crimes, she technically didn't. Jellybean just made these faux snuff films in order to keep her big brother, a mystery fanatic, hanging around Riverdale a little longer. She missed him.

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Sweet? Sure, though if I were F.P., I would call Gina Torres' Mrs. Burble stat to schedule Jellybean therapy sessions. Jellybean's interest in filmmaking might get her into Tisch eventually, but let's make sure she doesn't turn into Jughead's second serial killer sibling before she has the chance to apply.

Now that we know the Voyeur/the Auteur (it's confusing!) was Jellybean all along, it's time to look back on the last two seasons of Riverdale and see the little clues that J.B. left along the way.

Jellybean's Abandonment Issues

Image: The CW

In Season 3, Jellybean's mom Gladys left Riverdale for Toledo, and didn't take her daughter with her. Jellybean was clearly upset to be without her mom, and later on in the season, made multiple references to her family being too busy to spend time with her. (To be fair, Jellybean, your dad is the sheriff in a town with more murderers than deputies.) While this isn't exactly a straight line to Jellybean making faux snuff films as a hobby, it was a hint that Jellybean believed she could do anything without getting caught because no one was paying attention.

Jellybean's Fascination With Gryphons & Gargoyles

While half the town of Riverdale became unhealthily attached to the role playing game, Jellybean really went all in on it with her friend Ricky, even sporting elf ears and talking about "ascension." If anything, this proved Jellybean had a wild imagination, and a creative vision.

Jellybean's Sad About Jughead Going to Stonewall Prep

In Season 4, Jellybean is upset that Jughead is going off to study at Stonewall Prep, a boarding school which, unbeknownst to everyone, is basically a death cult. Shortly after, the tapes start appearing on everyone's doorsteps. Clearly, Jellybean's display of emotion was a clue, but man, what if she just...told Jughead how she felt before she went to murder tapes?

Jellybean Pulls a Terrible Prank

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On Halloween night, Jellybean douses herself in fake blood in order to "prank" Betty. The prank, of course, is to imply that she was murdered by a crazy Halloween killer, which would be a lot funnier (maybe?!?) if Betty wasn't the daughter of a serial killer and the town didn't have more than its fair share of real psychopaths to watch out for. Not only does this prove that Jellybean had the props at her disposal to make the Auteur's tapes, it's also a clue that she's just tasteless enough to want to make the tapes.

Jellybean Keeps Her Cool When Questioned by Donna

Though we, the audience, aren't initially aware of the plan, the Riverdale gang is pretty much all involved in an elaborate scheme to fake Jughead's death in order something to the Preppies from Stonewall. Jellybean learns pretty early on that Jughead is actually alive (nice of you to inform her, gang) but when she's aggressively questioned by Stonewall's ringleader Donna, she doesn't break. Jellybean knows how to lie!

Jellybean's Around, A Lot All of a Sudden

Image: The CW

The third time the Voyeur tapes arrive, the Cooper-Jones clan gathers around the couch to watch a disturbing recreation of one of their town's most heinous crimes. Jellybean casually strolls into the living room to ask what they're watching, but they quickly shoo her away. Given that's her only time speaking in the episode, it's obvious now that there was a reason why Jellybean's presence was so vital. Later on, she "finds" a videotape on the front porch, which is pretty easy considering we now know she put it there.

Jellybean's the Only One Who Has Access to Everything on the Auteur's Tapes

Image: The CW

It's established in "The Preppy Murders" that Jellybean's accomplices (aka her other 14-year-old friends) watched most of the disturbing videos they went on to recreate at Blue Velvet Video, which, oh my God, really needs to be shut down. However, Jellybean is the only person who had access to the "Killing Mr. Honey" short story that Jughead wrote. (With, I guess, the exception of Charles, who has his own issues.) Ultimately, that is what makes it click for Jughead and Betty...even if it was pretty obvious to fans for a while now.

Hopefully, now that Jellybean's talent has been exposed, she'll find some filmmaking summer camp to throw her creative energy into — because, like, yikes, girl.

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