What Is The Auteur's Endgame? Unpacking The 'Riverdale' Villain's Motives

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What Is The Auteur's Endgame? Unpacking The 'Riverdale' Villain's Motives

Demanding an explanation for every little thing on Riverdale is a fruitless task — and, quite frankly, not the point. We didn't need to know why Edgar Evernever decided to strap himself to a rocket as his ultimate endgame after harvesting the town's organs. We just needed to witness it, in all its Evel Knievel cosplay glory.

That being said, Riverdale never skimps on a villain monologue. Remember how Hal Cooper prepared not only an epic speech for why he became the Black Hood, but brought along a terrifying video tape of his mom indoctrinating him into serial killing as a visual aid?!? Beautiful!

We can likely expect as much from the show's villain du jour, known now as "the Auteur."

Currently, this mysterious person has quite the cryptic M.O. Early in Season 4, the Riverdale gang was left tapes by this creepy villain, which just showed hours and hours of footage of their front doors. (Hopefully, these kids found the fast forward button on their ancient VCRs.) The next set of tapes was far, far creepier, depicting some of the most violent and disturbing scenes from Riverdale, acted out by people wearing ghoulish masks of the characters.

Image: The CW

If we're to assume that the so-called "Voyeur" and "Auteur" are the same person (and right now, we have no reason to believe they're different people) then they're trying to send some sort of message. While there are plenty of theories as to who the Voyeur/Auteur really is, maybe the better question is why are they doing this?

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