Every Romantic Thing That Happened Between Betty and Archie On 'Riverdale'

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Every Romantic Thing That Happened Between Betty and Archie On 'Riverdale'

If you're a Riverdale fan, you likely have pretty strong opinions about the show's many ships. It's no surprise that romance is integral to the series: Riverdale is based on the canon of Archie Comics, which features perhaps the most iconic love triangle of all time between Betty, Archie and Veronica.

While the pilot episode of Riverdale set up this classic triad, the show took a sharp turn into a different direction with its ships. Betty and Archie, childhood best friends, took a backseat to Betty and Jughead, while Archie and Veronica declared themselves "endgame." Yet the idea of "Barchie" never quite died, and after a few will-they-won't-they moments across the series, Season 4 finally flirted with the idea that Betty and Archie could become a real couple.

In true Riverdale fashion, it's complicated. Betty and Archie pretended to be a couple while Jughead pretended to be dead. Veronica even faked outrage over her BFF macking on her boyfriend. Eventually, the con ended, and Betty and Archie went back to their respective partners — but ultimately, they couldn't deny their feelings and kissed.

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We still don't know where Betty and Archie will land, though it seems, for now, that they won't be breaking up with Jughead and Veronica in order to ride off into the sunset together. Still, with a time jump coming, anything is possible here. Barchie shippers, your time may be coming!

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