Who Is Darla Dickenson? 'Riverdale's Villain Is Everywhere

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Who Is Darla Dickenson? 'Riverdale's Villain Is Everywhere

Some Riverdale villains greatly over stay their welcome, like the finally ostracized Hiram Lodge and the somehow-still-raising-children Nana Blossom. Yet others pop up just on occasion, and still manage to wreak serious havoc. So is the case for Riverdale's Darla Dickenson, who made her way into Rivervale — and ultimately turned poor Toni Topaz into La Llorona.

In Season 6's "Ghost Stories," Darla — a Ghoulie — appears on the scene during a clash between her gang and the Serpents. When Darla appears like she is going to shoot a Serpent, Toni throws a knife to thwart her. Tragically, Darla's son Danny steps in front of Darla, killing himself in the process.

Three months later, Toni is still reeling from taking a person's life, when strange things begin happening in town: A Serpent mother is accused of drowning her child. Juniper is nearly killed by a ghost in her own bathtub. Betty's Barchie baby simply disappears from her womb. It's eventually revealed that Darla summoned La Llorona, a vengeful spirit of a wronged mother whose own children were drowned, in order to get back at Toni for her son's death. In order to stop the chaos, and protect her son Anthony, Toni takes La Llorona's place — meaning Darla's revenge is finally complete.

While this might seem like an extreme reaction on Darla's part (it was an accident, after all) Danny isn't the first person close to Darla killed by Riverdale residents. Darla's boyfriend Dwayne was killed by Chic in Season 2, and Jughead, Betty, Alice, and F.P. worked together to cover up the crime. In Season 4, Darla and the rest of her crime family vow revenge on Archie and the gang after Darla's son Dodger is left unconscious, thanks to an attack from Hiram and his goons on the (somewhat inadvertent) behest of Archie.

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