Barchie's 'Titanic' Moment Is A Red Freaking Flag

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Barchie's 'Titanic' Moment Is A Red Freaking Flag

Titanic may be one of the most romantic movies to come out in the last 25 years, but we can all agree that in terms of a happily ever after... this isn't it. And yet, we still see it seeping into pop culture, including in this week's Riverdale episode. Archie and Betty had their own Titanic moment in Wednesday's "Back to School" during a sexy hookup outside the high school where they work, but when I tell y'all this is a red freaking flag, I mean it.

Look, I don't think that whatever is happening between Betty and Archie is going to go south the same way Rose and Jack's relationship tragically ended in Titanic. Then again, I don't not think that. A rogue hand on a window during a steamy hookup is not a good sign. And I don't even mean that because it was something that happened in Titanic. I mean that because it also happened in the very first Riverdale episode between Archie and... Ms. Grundy, the teacher Archie had an affair with in Season 1 and an early victim of the Black Hood.

Don't believe me? Just look at these near identical pictures from tonight's Riverdale, Titanic, and Riverdale Season 1. We've been here before, my friends. This should feel just as familiar as the faint aroma of a char-grilled burger from Pop's.

Archie and Betty
Rose and Jack
Archie and Grundy

Is there a chance this is just a popular romance trope used in TV and film to show how intimate the moment on screen is? Sure! But I know that Jack is dead and Grundy is also dead (from being strangled by a cello bow?!) so the hand on the window just doesn't feel like the most positive omen to happen in pop culture. So good luck to Archie and Betty. I'd consider this your Ring video. You have seven days.

Images: The CW, Paramount

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