Do we care about fake storylines anymore?

I've been keeping an eye on the thread about the fake florist storyline on Summer House ( and like I said there, I feel a little embarrassed by how much "ick" I get from the claim that the florist storyline is fake, and is a set up for a new Winter House cast member.

I don't know WHY it gives me the ick so much -- I'm really aware that tons of reality shows are storyboarded or heavily or lightly-scripted -- but I feel like... I feel like I was actually feeling bad for Kyle Cooke and I feel silly for feeling so bad for him! IDK, the man seemed like he was under a lot of stress and I felt for him.

On the other hand, I don't care at ALL that Selling Sunset is 10000% fake. Or Siesta Key. In fact, if they're hiring, I would love to work on those shows as a writer or storyboarded. I don't care that they're fake because they are ENTERTAINING and glossy as hell. I'm watching for the fashion porn and the house porn -- I don't actually care about the cast members.

How do you guys feel about reality shows these days? Do you care that they seem to be more and more scripted?