Why do you think they decided to air RHUGT on Bravo?

RHUGT was presented as, and was, the big draw to Peacock. Now they’re airing it every Tuesday right after RHONJ. Not only are they airing it they’re like presenting it with the full promo package meaning commercials, booking guests on WWHL and specifically asking about it — basically acting like it’s a new show that hasn’t been aired before. And on top of that, they pushed the release of season two back.

What’s up with that? Do we think it flopped on Peacock or are they’re just like double dipping with trying to make more money off it and presenting it to the masses?

They didn’t do it with Vanderpump Dogs. Do we think they’ll do it with RHOM? It’s just weird and I’m trying to find out the reason they are giving this ‘premium’ content for ‘free’. If Xfinity didn’t already have Peacock for free I would actually be pissed if I signed up for a streaming service only

to see it on the channel That launched it for free!