Meet Michael The 'RHUGT' Concierge & The Poor Soul Stuck Hosting The Housewives

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Meet Michael The 'RHUGT' Concierge & The Poor Soul Stuck Hosting The Housewives

I knew seeing some of Bravo's biggest names all in one vacation rental would be incredible. But watching the Ultimate Girls Trip cast take over the Triton Villa in Turks and Caicos has felt like a fever dream that I never want to wake up from. Among the cast of legends is a newcomer — and not a Housewife. I'm talking about Michael, the villa concierge on Ultimate Girls Trip, and also the poor soul who is stuck tending to Ramona Singer's nightmarish needs for eight straight days. Bless him.

Meet Michael, the villa concierge who all of the women have taken to quite nicely. (The New York women more so than the others.) Michael seems to "come with the villa," along with his mom, Lori, who is the head chef of the vacation. (Another "bless her," since we know that these women are particular about their food...)

And look, I get it, Michael is easy on the eyes. (Since that's really all we can see.) But what more is there behind the man in the mask? Let's dive a little deeper into Michael, and pray he is not a casualty left in the wake of the hurricane that is coming on Ultimate Girls Trip.

First of all, Michael says he was "cast" on the show...

[rich Embed]

Originally, according to Michael's Instagram, he was cast as "handsome guy" for the Peacock special, which sounds more like someone Ramona would approach at the Conch Shack versus the man who is keeping the house running. With that said, it's definitely better TV to have the women constantly failing at flirting with a handsome villa manager, so perhaps this is just showbiz jargon for him signing on to participate on the show.

But he does seem to be good at his job

Image: Triton Luxury Villa

Granted this review was from 2018, and just refers to a man named "Mike," but it is for the same villa so... shoutout to Mike for making this family's dreams come true during one memorable trip to Turks and Caicos. Per a Trip Advisor review, "Mike and Sharik (SP) are the property managers and provided us with tons of information about the villa and local suggestions about restaurants and nightly festivities." Sounds like first class service!

His mom is also a chef at the Triton Villa

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I don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg. Was Michael cast as the concierge, or was Lori cast as the chef first, and then brought the other on? I'd like to think Lori and Michael are a packaged deal and are taking the tourism industry by storm in Turks and Caicos.

Unfortunately for Ramona, he is married and has some adorable kids

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The women do know that Michael is off the market, but will that stop them? Has it ever?

He is a DJ too

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He goes by DJ Dayoh and specializes in weddings. Some more of his mixes can be heard here and he has lots of good reviews.

He can fish, which checks out

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He's lucky he's married and lives in a tropical location, because otherwise a man holding a fish pic would be screaming "single dating app" to these women.

He can drive a boat

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I feel like it would be an occupational hazard to not know how to drive a boat while living on the island of Turks and Caicos. Good news is he has a means of fleeing if he needs to. Let's hope it just goes better than the boat ride from hell for the New York women.

Images: Peacock

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