Is This Kathryn Dennis Or Whitney Rose? Because They Look The Same Now

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Is This Kathryn Dennis Or Whitney Rose? Because They Look The Same Now

I pride myself on being able to tell twins apart. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Easy. The Property Brothers? In my sleep. Zack and Cody? How do you think they even look alike. I could even make an argument that Annie and Halle from The Parent Trap are two different people.

But then I caught myself scrolling through Instagram, my twin-senses down and put away, when I was hit by a photo of Whitney Rose from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. "Nice," I thought, double tapping and continuing my scroll. That's when I saw it. The name... the owner of the account that posted the photo. I scrolled up quickly to get another look at the picture I had just virtually "liked" and to my surprise it wasn't SLC's wildest rose — it was Charleston's very own, Kathryn Dennis.

I've studied the face of Kathryn Dennis for years during my tenure as an early adopter of Southern Charm. (I'm talking, I watched the first season live.). But, of course, as time goes by and faces change season-to-season — I'm not just talking about new cast members coming in — you start to lose that concrete image of who looks like what, especially when filler is easily and readily accessible.

Upon further investigation, it wasn't just this one photo of Kathryn that gave off Whitney Rose vibes. According to static images on Instagram, the two have almost molded into the same person. Don't believe me? Take our quiz below: Is this Whitney or Kathryn?








How'd you do? Itching for a SLC x Southern Charm crossover? Here are the answers below!

Answers: 1. Kathryn, 2. Whitney, 3. Whitney, 4. Kathryn, 5. Whitney, 6. Kathryn, 7. Kathryn

Images: Whitney Rose/Instagram, Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

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