A Deep Dive Into The 23 Hidden Treasures On The Shelves Of 'WWHL'

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A Deep Dive Into The 23 Hidden Treasures On The Shelves Of 'WWHL'

I've been watching Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! since it premiered in 2009. Every single night I tune in to see the fun, revolving door of guests ranging from Oprah to Danielle Staub to Nene Leaks to Jennifer Lawrence, and to catch up on whatever's happening in the Bravo-verse that day. WWHL is a staple for the network, and honestly, it's a show that means a lot to me.

What makes it so special is not just the host or the guests or the games, but the set. It feels homey and personal, and there are collections of knick-knacks, books, art, and more among its shelves.

So, I wanted to dive in and take a little tour of our favorite late night set and see what I could find. Below, 23 treasures, gadgets, and gizmos a-plenty stored in Andy's WWHL Clubhouse, along with little facts and figures about each!

I broke it down into what is styled and stored behind Andy, behind the guests, and behind the bar. There's so much to uncover, let's go.

Behind Andy

Peabody Award

A Peabody Award is an award given annually by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, "in recognition of outstanding public service and achievement in electronic media."

And right behind Andy is his Peabody Award, which he first received in 2005 when he was Executive Producer for the documentary The N-Word. He got another one in 2008 for his work role as an Executive Producer for Project Runway.

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