Dear God, Can Someone Please Put A Decent Painting On A Wall In These Bravo Houses

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Dear God, Can Someone Please Put A Decent Painting On A Wall In These Bravo Houses

Lisa Vanderpump has Villa Rosa. Erika Jayne has her chapel. Dr. Tiffany Moon has her fingerprint-accessed closet. These are the amenities I expect from my Housewives. To know luxury is to see luxury, and unfortunately, when it comes to recent Bravo shows, the square footage may be there but one major thing is missing: literally anything decent on the walls.

The most recent offender lacking artwork is the new Summer House house. During the Season 5 premiere, the quarantining crew reunited in their new Hamptons abode — a gigantic 9,000 square foot house with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a tennis court, and a pool. And that's all great. Six bedrooms puts them right at capacity, to the point where sleepovers may or may not be necessary for canoodling cast members. A tennis court is necessary for Hannah Berner to work out her aggression at house mate Luke. And if they didn't have a pool, where would Kyle Cooke dump pounds of tea?

But even with all of these great features, there is nary a piece of decent artwork in sight. There are, however, some questionable landscape canvases I find very concerning. Please see below:

But why?

"One of us could be a cocaine dealer and this is our house," Paige DeSorbo joked when arriving at the house — a slam to cocaine dealers, assuming they don't have any taste in fine art.

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