The Way Each Cast Member Reacted To Jen Shah's Arrest Speaks *Volumes*

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The Way Each Cast Member Reacted To Jen Shah's Arrest Speaks *Volumes*

The moment we have all been waiting for since March finally happened: the Shah-rrest. What I love about this whole debacle is it happened exactly the way we all imagined it. The cameras were, in fact, rolling; everyone was mic'd up; there was a getaway truck; and the women were surrounded by Homeland Security officers. It's truly been chef's kiss. Top tier programming. But my personal favorite thing is the women's individual reactions to Jen's arrest as it unfolds.

After Jen Shah comes back on the sprinter and tells everyone she has to leave ASAP because her husband has internal bleeding, everyone is of course sympathetic and wants him to be OK; they all hug and send her on her way.

Then the FBI aka the "po-po," as Heather Gay refers to them, arrives, looking for Jen.

Heather, Lisa Barlow, Jennie Nguyen, and Whitney Rose each have a completely different reaction than the next. Frankly, I find it all very telling. The way they handle the shocking (or in some cases, not so shocking news) about Jen's detainment and alleged crimes adds a whole new layer on to what the actual fuck is going on. Let's dissect.

Whitney Rose

Whitney put her little Nancy Drew hat on and really started putting the pieces together early on. She was the first one to acknowledge why the NYPD would be there in the first place (she said NYC is where Jen has her headquarters) and I don't even think Lisa Barlow knew that. And she knows a lot.

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