Jennie's daughter, Karlyn, is on Cameo and I'm uncomfortable.

Cameo is a fun platform where we see a lot of our favorite Bravo celebs making personalized videos for an extra buck or two. I'm all for Cameo and think some of the videos are really fun but I was a little disturbed when I saw that ex RHOSLC newbie Jennie Nguyen's young daughter was on there. I forget exactly how old Karlyn is but she can't be more than 10 years old, and she's making personalized videos for adults.

While I'm sure Jennie supervises, you never know what weirdos out there are requesting videos from a kid. Karlyn's videos are $50 for a personal one and $245 if it's being used for business purposes. She was hilarious and adorable on RHOSLC but what company is asking for videos of a child for business use? The whole thing is a little strange and exploitive to me. I'm all for children earning their own money but from unloading the dishwasher or having a lemonade stand, not making videos for grown adults.