They spent 20 Minutes having a racist speak on racism

What Mary has said was wrong. However, she apologized. While I understand the reunion was taped before her stuff was leaked, they should cut Jennie’s preaching on racism 101 about 3/4ths shorter. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the most lowest rated episodes ever.

1. Mary isn’t there to speak for herself even after she apologized

2. What Jennie shared was ten times worse than what Mary said. Period.

3. Jennie not only said that she takes accountability for the posts but she also said that she is a proud Republican who supports the police which means she doubled down (which btw being Republican does not mean you should devalue human life in the way her posts did)

4. Andy brought up that Mary said she thinks Black people can’t be racist and left it at that.

here’s the problem. When a Black person says that Black people Can’t be Racist it doesn’t mean they can’t be prejudiced. Literally anyone can go I don’t like this person because of their race or have preconceived notions. When a Black person says Black peoples can’t be racist It means that Black people aren’t in the institutional positions or positions of power in order to block opportunities from white people or have the privilege that white people do. So it’s taken out of context.

It was very weird that they chose that hill to die on because mark my words — now that Mary Cosby isn’t coming back, if Jen Shah goes to jail season three will flop like no other. ESPECIALLY considering that they’re filming right now and it seems that Jen is the only non white person filming. Sometimes Bravo takes one step forward and six back and I really don’t get it.