Have Jen Shah & Lisa Barlow Worked Together? The Two Are Close Friends

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Have Jen Shah & Lisa Barlow Worked Together? The Two Are Close Friends

On Sunday's episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, it all goes down. And by "all" we mean Jen Shah's arrest and arraignment. Jen fled the parking lot of Beauty Lab right before Homeland Security pulled up, leaving her cast mates on the party bus wondering what in the Joseph Smith was going on. Whitney Rose was the voice of reason, Heather Gay was a Jen apologist, Jennie Nguyen couldn't care less, and Lisa Barlow? Well, Lisa Barlow called six attorneys – is it because Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah have done business together?

Jen Shah has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, and as Heather said on the bus, the Housewives are wondering if they're "guilty by association." And Lisa, god bless her, wanted to find out if that was the case. After talking to two lawyers, she informs her husband on the phone that they advised Lisa not to talk to any law enforcement without either of them present. "Not that we did anything wrong," she says. "It could be minor or it could be major what she did. They don't want us to be involved."

When Whitney asks Lisa what she thought was going on with Jen's arrest, Lisa says, "I don't ever talk to [Jen] about business. She's ambiguous about it."

Lisa's eagerness to talk to legal advisors about what she should do made it seem like she had something to hide, but from some internet research, it doesn't look like Lisa and Jen have ever done business together.

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