5 Times Jen Shah Unknowingly Foreshadowed Her Arrest On The 'RHOSLC' Premiere

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5 Times Jen Shah Unknowingly Foreshadowed Her Arrest On The 'RHOSLC' Premiere

We first heard about Jen Shah being arrested and charged for fraud and money laundering back in March, but seeing it play out... on our screens... in the parking lot of Beauty Lab... in a sprinter van... with a pickup truck as kinda getaway car... is an entirely different story.

While the scene of the pre-arrest is just a set up for the rest of the season, if we take how Erika Jayne's saga has played out on RHOBH as precedent, we are in for a wild ride. And while Jen has plead not guilty to the charges brought against her, there were plenty of moments in the premiere that left me truly saying, "Wait, lol, did she really just say that?"

Let's take a look at all of the times Jen Shah unknowingly foreshadowed her own arrest in the premiere — or at least said something that made you go, "Oh that didn't age well."

Let's get into it...

  • "We never have to leave." Jen, in regards to her new house
  • "I thought my entire world was ending." Jen, in regards to her marriage hitting a rocky point
  • "Six months ago Sharrieff and I almost got a divorce..." Jen in regards to her and her husband's rocky relationship prior to her arrest
  • "Yo, no one's leaving nobody in this marriage, you can try..." to which Lisa replies, "locked," and mimics her hands in handcuffs. (So this one isn't Jen, but Lisa with the assist.)
  • "Girl, you know I'll go to jail for you, I haven't gone to jail yet." Jen, in regards to backing Lisa

And to think, this is just the first episode. Jen's arrest was caught on camera, according to E! Online, so I'd expect a slow and gradual burn of these foreshadows until we are fully engulfed in flames. And for that, I welcome it.

Images: Bravo

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