What Does Michael Darby Know That We Don't?

- Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City -
What Does Michael Darby Know That We Don't?

This is one of my favorite episodes of Hot Off the Mess because I am joined by one of my favorite people in the world. He is a writer, a haver of hot takes, it's Jonathan Chandler. We discuss the best premiere in Bravo history since the christening episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jonathan thinks this is a safe space and reveals he is a Shah stan. She's television royalty, and I don't disagree.

We also have the come to Jesus and admit Juan Dixon ain't shit. And we ask ourselves, what does Michael Darby know about Juan that we don't? We just bat around some ideas and of course have some giggles and shoot the shit over what it's like living as a "Bassett Hound"... it ain't easy.

Thanks to Zocdoc for making this episode possible!

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