7 Things To Know About Jennie's Husband, Duy On 'RHOSLC'

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7 Things To Know About Jennie's Husband, Duy On 'RHOSLC'

New Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, Jennie, is coming in at a weird time. Between last season's drama spilling over into this season and the Jen Shah indictment that is taking its sweet time to appear on our TVs, Jennie could have easily disappeared into the background. But thanks to Duy, Jennie's husband on RHOSLC, it's been impossible to miss her because despite Jen Shah being charged with allegedly defrauding the elderly, this man has become the most disliked person on the show.

While watching every new episode, I find myself screaming at the TV a la the Rick Dalton meme from Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood whenever Duy comes on screen, mostly because he's always talking to Jennie about wanting another child. Or, getting a sister wife so he can have another child, since Jennie, his wife, is not so into the idea. (Having been through 13 pregnancies and losing her daughter at birth, you can't blame the woman.) Duy, however, is very into the idea and won't stop bringing it up whenever he and Jennie are on screen. As Jennie appropriately put it, "If murder wasn't a felony, he would have been dead on the snow."

And while I would have divorced his ass right then and there over the oysters and martinis, I decided instead to focus my energy (read: rage) onto learning more about this man. What's his deal? Let's dive in to FAQs about: Duy on RHOSLC.

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