Who's Texting Ray In The 'RHOP' Trailer? Please Tell Me It Was T'Challa

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Who's Texting Ray In The 'RHOP' Trailer? Please Tell Me It Was T'Challa

In the new trailer for Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6, we see Giselle still trying to make Jamal a thing, Ashley's new baby shit himself on camera, Wendy deal with rumors about Eddie, and Michael Darby. And yet, those things aren't even the most upsetting things in the three minute clip. The most upsetting thing is being made to believe someone is texting Karen's husband, Ray.

In the words of every Atlanta Housewife on their glamping trip, "Who said that?"

I'm not trying to be shady, but I haven't believed something less since Karen's ulcer. "Good morning, handsome," is what the text says, according to the trailer. Ray receives it during prime gardening time with Karen after she blasts him for being small when they first met. (I'm not gonna bring up the fact that Karen hates Ray's dick... I'm not gonna bring it up.)

So who said it? Who texted Ray, "Good morning, handsome," and whose ass does Karen gotta find this season? Here are the suspects:

Mike from Shahs of Sunset

Recently the "victim" of an iCloud hacking that led to sexually graphic text messages to be sent to a woman that is not Mike's girlfriend, Paulina, Mike from Shahs may have found himself in another kerfuffle here. Of course, all of this could have been fixed if Mike didn't make his password to his iCloud "GodsGift."

That Guy Who Sent Sonja A Dick Pic Accidentally

We never found out who this guy was, and at this point, we probably never will. But we know he's prone to texting the wrong number pictures of his dick. Not totally out of the realm of possibility that his tendency for wrong number texts could extend to Housewives' husbands.

Sound Guy

Maybe Ray's mic slipped while he was gardening. This could be a very practical, friendly message to a cast member who just needs to swap out his battery pack.

T'Challa, The Bird

Monique may be off the show but if Teddi Mellencamp can make an appearance on RHOBH, then nothing is stopping this parrot from sending a text message. Hell hath frozen over.

Who do you think is texting Ray? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Bravo

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