I'm Afraid *I'm* In Monique's 'RHOP' Reunion Binder

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I'm Afraid *I'm* In Monique's 'RHOP' Reunion Binder

T'Challa might be a one-of-a-kind Real Housewife companion, but the bird wasn't the only accessory Monique Samuels brought to the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 reunion. The Housewife, who has been appearing on the Bravo series since Season 2, came to the reunion show ready to fight for her place among the group. She may have been exiled from some of the other Housewives, but Monique showed up to the RHOP reunion with a binder of receipts. And it will go down in Bravo history as one of the most iconic, awe-inspiring acts of pettiness in the Real Housewives franchise. (To which I tip my hat.)

Monique's commitment to spilling tea on national television is truly unmatched. As she showed off on her Instagram, Monique's binder was color-coded, with sections for each of her cast mates, and even that super shady. While Wendy Osefo, Robyn Dixon, Ashley Darby, and Karen Huger had tabs with their names on it, a few others were identified by nicknames — "Post-It" for Candiace Dillard Bassett, "Last Lady" for Gizelle Bryant, and "Former Friend" (Charrisse?). Even Monique herself has a tab (as seen in the the third slide of her Instagram post below), no doubt filled with evidence in case she needs to defend herself against the other ladies.

Given what went down between Monique and Candiace in Season 5, you might have expected Cadiance to be the first named in the binder. The two women did, after all, spend an entire season legally battling each other. But, no, instead Monique used her binder to go after Gizelle. And, boy was she thorough.

Taking out the binder after Karen brought up cheating allegations against Gizelle's ex-husband, Jamal, Monique went in. She claimed that Gizelle and Jamal's reconciliation was just for the show, and she had proof that Jamal wasn't faithful. "He's definitely been talking to another woman and if you'd like to see them, I got them in my little receipt book," Monique said as she flipped through her binder, per People.

Monique also claimed to have images of text messages from Jamal to an alleged other woman, and even read out Jamal's alleged phone number for Gizelle to confirm. (I don't even like these people that much, and still, I cringe!) For her part, Gizelle denied she was in a fake relationship, but Karen sided with Monique, saying she thought there was an arrangement between the Housewife and her pastor ex-husband.

Needless to say, after Monique attempted to blow up Gizelle and Jamal's relationship, Monique and her binder became instant icons on Twitter.

There are still two more parts to the RHOP Season 5 reunion, with "Part 2" airing Sunday Dec. 20, and "Part 3" airing the following Sunday. God bless whoever finds themselves on the receiving end of Monique's receipts next.

Image: Larry French/Bravo

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