Are Gizelle & Jamal Together After 'RHOP,' Or Does He "Live In The Phone"?

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Are Gizelle & Jamal Together After 'RHOP,' Or Does He "Live In The Phone"?

It took him a few days, but Jamal Bryant decided to get his own binder and tell his side of the story after Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. On Sunday's episode, Monique brought out a binder of receipts, accusing her co-star Gizelle Bryant of reconciling with Jamal for the cameras, alleging their relationship was fake. Unfortunately for Gizelle, Jamal's new statements don't really defend her. In fact, they leave the question of whether Gizelle and Jamal are actually still together totally unanswered.

This past season of RHOP saw Gizelle and Jamal reunite a decade after they originally divorced in 2009 — a split that was reportedly preceded by a lot of cheating on Jamal's part. So it wasn't all that surprising to see Monique confront Gizelle with even more rumors of Jamal's infidelity. What was surprising was the alleged text messages Monique claimed were from Jamal, saying that his reconciliation with his ex was just for show. And though he originally responded to the RHOP reunion with a post on Instagram seemingly declaring his intentions to stay out of the drama, he later took to Instagram Live to respond more fully.

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In his lengthy video, which has since disappeared from his Instagram, but was reposted on various other social media, Jamal insisted that he didn't respond to Monique immediately because Gizelle asked him not to, suggesting the two are, if nothing else, still on good terms. But, once he got into really responding to the allegations, things got a little confusing.

Directly addressing the alleged text messages sent to a woman he was seeing at the time of his reconciliation with Gizelle, Jamal essentially confirmed that they were real, saying, "Yes, I dated a young lady in New York. In case you all missed it, I been divorced for 11 years and single people date." He went on to insist that he did not have a "mistress," putting emphasis on that title. "I'm not married. I'm not engaged," he said. "You can't have a mistress while you're single. I never had a mistress."

So... he was dating someone when you got back with Gizelle, but he just wouldn't call her a mistress because he's not married? Not sure that's much better, buddy. Gizelle seemed truly caught off guard by the idea that Jamal was seeing anybody else at the time of their reconciliation. That might not reach his definition of "mistress," but it could definitely still be cheating.

The bombshell RHOP reunion was filmed on Nov. 12, and at the time, Gizelle seemed to confirm that they were still together, saying, "Jamal and I have been through a lot." She also added that, because of COVID-19, she and Jamal haven't been able to spend much time together — she lives in Maryland with their three daughters while he is based in Atlanta. But, she's remained mum on the status of their relationship since then. And the two are conspicuously absent from each other's Instagrams. It's possible that the two aren't together following the reunion taping.

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Even if Jamal and Gizelle did survive Monique's binder of receipts, their relationship is still on rocky ground. In his video, Jamal also announced that he would never appear on RHOP again, which would no doubt complicate his relationship with Gizelle. Yes, significant others have been able to steer clear from the Bravo cameras before, but he seems really against any and all reality television. "I don't think it represents the best of who we are, nor does it advance our progress, our maturity, and our brilliance," he said in his video. "A bone of contention between Gizelle and I for years has been her participation on the show and how I did not support it." (During an August appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Gizelle insisted that Jamal was always supportive of her career as a reality TV star, so make of that what you will.)

Give how much he hates reality TV, it seems like the odds of Jamal and Gizelle surviving this drama are low. But if there's one thing I've learned from Monique's binder, it's that you can never predict where RHOP is going to go next.

Image: Larry French/Bravo

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