Gina's Skincare Line CaraGala Beauty On 'RHOC'

Everyone seems to have a skincare line these days, so I can't say I'm surprised to see Gina get in the game. (The only thing that surprises me is how long it took her to get into some type of product. I guess she's been busy!) But CaraGala seems to be her new thing on RHOC, which good for her! I saw her post on Instagram back in December that it's changed her skin when it got really bad after moving from New York. I've always thought she had nice skin, but I guess there was that season she struggled big time. Life's stressors can get you, though.

I'm a little weary of Housewives skincare brands because... what do they know about skincare? Then again, what do they know about meal kits or tincture drops or CBD — all RHOC-specific! I guess they learn! Has anyone tried CaraGala? I'm just happy for her to be movin' and shakin' on the show, vs. dealing with life's tragedies. She deserves this. (And bonus: maybe the extra money will move her out of the casita!)