Ryne's Hawaiian Hideaways vacation business

I didn't know this but turns out.. Ryne/Ryan (let's stick to Ryne) has a JOB! I'm not trying to be shady, but I just simply didn't get the impression he was working based on the conversations / things we saw this season on RHOC. But I was doing some light IG stalking and landed on his company's IG page, which led me to his company's website... and yes I'm saying HIS company, because turns out, lil Ryne is an entrepreneur!

So he's the President of Hawaiian Hideaways, which seems to be a luxury Hawaiian vacation rental company. (Though it may just be located in Oahu.) His website says, "Hawaiian Hideaways is your one-stop for your Vacation Rental search. We have many legally established rentals available on the island of Oahu and are expanding daily. " We love expansion!

The company does seem to have real estate for all budgets, studios to million dollar estates... I'll take a million dollar estate please! Here's their page: https://www.instagram.com/hawaii_hideaways/

Interestingly enough, he has a "note from the President" on his website that makes it sound like he's still living there, despite the company's address being in Cali. Here's the message, though, it's an interesting read.

Ever since I visited Hawaii as a teenager, I knew I would live there for the rest of my life. When I was offered the opportunity to play basketball at the University of Hawaii, I quickly moved to the island of Oahu and now more than 20 years later, I have not left. Although serendipitous that my last name is Holliday, I actually entered into the travel business so that I could share with others what I have experienced myself in this great state. I started off small renting my own house to travelers, but then soon branched out to other properties when demand grew. I was honored to be voted the Conde Nast Hawaii travel expert. I have been asked if I will expand my business to other locations outside of Hawaii and the answer is always, no, Hawaii is my home and Hawaii is all I want to share with others.

Anyway, just had to share this find! IDK if I'm the only one who didn't realize he was working! but good for him!