Jo De La Rosa Talks 'RHOC' Season 1, Status With Slade On 'But Now We Said It' Podcast

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Jo De La Rosa Talks 'RHOC' Season 1, Status With Slade On 'But Now We Said It' Podcast

Anyone who tuned into Season 1 of Real Housewives of Orange County could tell that the editing was often more embellished than the most ornate of sky tops. Still, when it came to Jo De La Rosa's storyline, not everything incorporated the magic of reality TV. "When the cameras were off, that was how lonely it felt," she told @facesbybravo's Steve on the second episode of The Dipp's But Now We Said It! podcast. "I can remember sitting in our movie room, drinking vodka straight out of the bottle ... You do feel stuck."

After all, she had given up her career for Slade Smiley — and that meant little to do during the day, save, of course, filming a brand-new reality series that her now-ex had won a part in during a charity auction. Not that Jo knew that little fun fact during Season 1: "I genuinely thought that they got us on the show because he got us on the show," she said during the podcast. "I completely missed the memo on the part that he actually bought our way in ... For the longest time, I had a completely different narrative on how everything happened."

There's more to the story — which Jo elaborates on throughout the rest of the podcast. Also, So Bad It's Good host Ryan Bailey joins Steve to chat about Season 1, Episode 2 of the franchise's flagship series, and explore the psychology behind Vicki Gunvalson's love life.

Listen to the full episode of But Now We Said It below — or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts — to hear more!

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