Elizabeth Vargas Says Season 15 Got The "Short End Of The Stick"

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Elizabeth Vargas Says Season 15 Got The "Short End Of The Stick"

Topping the list of one season wonders is Elizabeth Vargas, who appeared on Season 15, and only Season 15, of The Real Housewives of Orange County. To join a show with that many seasons under its belt is a science; to join alongside a pandemic is an art form.

Sadly, Season 15 was notoriously poorly rated, with the premiere drawing a reported 25% fewer viewers than the season prior. Needing to switch things up, Bravo let Vargas go from the show (along with cast members Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke). The Season 16 trailer, which debuted this week, heavily features Heather Dubrow's return to RHOC.

Now, Vargas is spending her time working on her animal rescue foundation and on her vodka brand. But when the cameras were rolling, life was a little different. Below, I talk to Vargas about how she prepared to join the show, what it was like getting fired, and everything in between.

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(This interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

The Dipp: So how did you get on the RHOC?

Elizabeth Vargas: I knew Kelly Dodd well. She was close friends with my neighbor, Rob, who you saw on the show. She used to come over a lot but never really gave me any information on the Housewives…. and ironically, which I didn’t even realize, I had been to a couple of parties with the ladies throughout the years and knew them in passing but never really put two and two together in terms of any of them being involved with the show.

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