Talk About Tonight's 'RHONY' Episode With Us, LIVE!

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Talk About Tonight's 'RHONY' Episode With Us, LIVE!

It is that time! We are pretty much halfway through this season of Real Housewives of New York and I think we all have to vent, get things off our chests, and check the temperature of the room when it comes to our New York ladies.

We've watched these women break glass, cry several times during a seance, and party in the Hamptons. But now it's time to go back to the city that never sleeps and see where these relationships go. Will Eboni and Leah take Sonja under her wing? Will we ever see Garth again? Only time will tell.

So tonight, we take it to the streets. And by streets I mean the comments.

When you tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m ET, be sure to click that little green circle on this page and chat with me and Lindsay, The Dipp's co-founder about everything that happens during this episode of Real Housewives of New York. I can't wait to chat with you guys! Just a reminder, though, that only Dipp subscribers are able to chat in the comments section, so make sure you subscribe before the episode starts. Currently, we're offering a 14-day free trial, so why not give us a shot – click here to subscribe!

See you here tonight at 9:00 p.m ET! Cheers!


-- Love to see Martin back in action. Last summer, we talked to Leah and Martin on the phone together, and it was wild. Martin kinda makes me miss Tinsley. Is that bad?

-- BTW, an hour-long training session with Martin costs $150

-- The segue of Luann being like, "Did you notice my new piano?" into a conversation about her new Christmas song was chef's kiss. This woman is the Countess of Class.

-- I already have second-hand embarrassment thinking about non singers and Singers recording a Christmas song. That pun was free, btw.

-- This conversation between Ashley and Eboni is so touching. RHONY is really serving us some therapy this season, and in this case, it's great.

-- Here's the "Feelin' Jovani" video for your reference/viewing pleasure:

[video Embed]

-- Never not over how Luann pronounces "Sonja" like "Sahnya."

-- "My voice changed"– Ramona, on why she gave up singing at 12 years old. I –


-- I feel like Leah's questions are valid? Luann's over-reaction is probably due to the fact that she doesn't know the answer and she's embarrassed that she doesn't?

-- Bershan is BACK.

-- OK, so I'm kinda missing Dorinda at this birthday party. Ramona's birthday is November 18, Sonja's in November 25, and Dorinda's is December 13. The Dorinda birthday erasure kinda stings, doesn't it?

-- So Ramona drinks a Blanco, which I assume is tequila, on ice, in a wine glass. Iconic.

-- The Dipp contributor Brian Moylan talked to Nude Model Kurt for Vulture!

-- Sonja not drinking is a choice, and we'll see if it remains just that, or if there's a pivot.

-- The way the ladies are talking about the room is a little confusing? I get that the view is nice, but vibe seems very corporate or dressed-up convention hall for me. The saggy tan pleather couches are so unwelcoming.

-- Remember when Kurt just sat at the dinner table and listened to them argue? Good times.

-- "I don't need toys to be unplayed." OK Sonja!

-- So last year, Ramona freaked OUT when Leah danced like a stripper, and this year, she's chanting "Go Leah, go Leah," and I just –

-- Ahahaha Sonja pivots! She's drinkin'.

-- Ramona is putting out Sutton vibes and not understanding that people of color have different experiences

-- What's interesting is that in Leah's confessional, she says she wants to understand how the charity is getting paid, and – here's the interesting part – for how long. That implies to me that there are generally deadlines on donations, after which the proceeds will go to ... in this case, who? Leah's right to ask questions!!

-- It's true... Rihanna wore (at the very least) a Married to the Mob hat in 2012.

Ok that was so fun. Hope to see you guys again!

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