11 Of The All-Time Cruelest Ramona "Singer Stingers"

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11 Of The All-Time Cruelest Ramona "Singer Stingers"

A typical "Singer Stinger" carries a vicious venom infused with a combination of entitlement, classism, and cluelessness and Ramona — the OG of the NYC — has been delivering them every season since The Real Housewives of New York City premiered on March 4, 2008.

Lucky Season 13 of RHONY is now underway, and if you’ve seen as much as the trailer, you know that we’re in for weekly "Singer Stingers;" the most potentially painful one of all comes when she confuses the names of two masked women working in her Hamptons kitchen and says, “Ugh! I get my help wrong.”

While we’re waiting for that episode to explode, let’s hop on the Ramona Coaster and look back at the 11 major "Singer Stingers" that have preceded the already-infamous "help" comment. No regrets!

11. “I love Luann. I mean, I like Luann.” (Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, July 2019)

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Though Ramona will almost always say “that wasn’t my intention” when she’s apologizing for a Singer Stinger, she also unintentionally lets the Stinger loose when she’s not even in battle mode, like when she took her love for Luann de Lesseps away the split second she spoke it on WWHL during a conversation about Luann’s cabaret singing and single “Feelin’ Jovani.”

The Clubhouse loved it, because Ramona just can’t help herself ever, for any reason.

10. “She’s going to have a new boyfriend in, like, two years.” (Season 12, Episode 4)

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