Ramona Singer Insisted She Didn't Say "The Help" On 'RHONY,' So We Checked The Tapes

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Ramona Singer Insisted She Didn't Say "The Help" On 'RHONY,' So We Checked The Tapes

It's a classic "she said, she said, she said." Only this time, we don't have to take anyone's word for it, we just have to check the tape. Following the release of the Real Housewives of New York Season 13 promo, Ramona Singer insisted she did not say "the help," seemingly defending herself from new co-star Eboni K William's disdain for the term. But, what did she say really, and does it even really matter?

"It wasn't 'the help,'" Ramona claimed in an interview with E! News. "What I said was, 'I cannot remember the names of my help. I cannot remember the names of the people who help me." There is only one way to settle this: we need to go to the source.

The Tapes

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Upon rewatch, and with the help of closed captions, we can see that Ramona is correct when she says that she did not use the phrase "the help." What she said in the scene, after calling an assistant by the wrong name, was, "Oh, I get my help wrong."

Image: Bravo

The Claim

In the trailer, Eboni immediately clocked it and absorbed it. "She says she get her help wrong?" she muttered, under her breath. Now, the real issue Ramona seems to be pointing out in her clarification is that she did not say "the help" but "my help." Something Eboni seems to agree on, despite what it might sound like. According to the closed captioning on the trailer, when she confronted Ramona, Eboni said, "The 'help' comment was a little triggering for me" — with the "the" here referring to "comment" not "help."

Image: Bravo
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