What Did Joe Giudice Say About Melissa & Joe Gorga? An Investigation

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What Did Joe Giudice Say About Melissa & Joe Gorga? An Investigation

Joe Giudice might be living in Italy, but that won't stop him from stirring up drama at the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 reunion. In a new clip from Part 1 of the reunion, Joe Giudice's comments on Joe and Melissa Gorga are taking center stage, as Andy Cohen confronts Teresa Giudice with some particularly nasty headlines. At least I think that's what happens. The clip cuts before we can hear what Andy's going to say, but looking back at everything Joe has said about the Gorgas this past year, it's clear it cannot be good.

Joe hasn't appeared consistently on RHONJ since 2016 — three years before he was deported to Italy after serving jail time for various fraud charges — and he's been credited as "Teresa's Ex-Husband" in just three Season 11 episodes. But that didn't stop him from being involved in one of the most dramatic blow outs of the season, when Joe Gorga and Melissa got into a huge fight with Teresa after she stood up for her ex.

Based on this new clip from the Season 11 reunion, it looks like tensions between the siblings are still at an all-time high. Teresa thinks her brother and sister-in-law are wrong to badmouth her ex in the press, which hurts their daughters. But Melissa counters, saying that her daughter, Antonia, is equally upset by the things Joe has been saying, and that's when Andy jumps in. "I gotta tell you," he says to Teresa. "I have something here that [Joe Giudice] said in the press that is not great..."

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