Alliances Are Already Forming On The 'Real Housewives' All-Star Spinoff

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Alliances Are Already Forming On The 'Real Housewives' All-Star Spinoff

If you're on a vacation with the girlies and don't post a photo of it, did it even happen? Ask the Housewives who were chosen by God to be a part of what I'm calling the Superstar Mega-Watt Only The Real Ones Housewives spin-off (title, TBD), currently filming in Turks and Caicos.

Currently, the Real Housewives spin-off cast is posting so many photos on Instagram that you probably feel like you're on the island with them. (What I would give.) You've been on a jet with them. You've been on a boat with them. That's about all they've shared, but hey, it's something.

But being the nosey gal I am, I couldn't help but notice how some of the Housewives are commenting on each other's photos and how others are silent. Yes, it is very suspicious to not comment on a photo of someone you're on a vacation with. All you have to do is add a heart, or even a thumbs up. If you're not, you're icing them out and I'm going to read into that as you're not vibing.

So with that as the base knowledge moving forward, let's look at who has and hasn't commented on each other's photos and judge if they're getting along solely based on that.

Luann Is Getting Along With...

Vacation Lu is the best Lu, you know? And it seems like quite a few of her My Super Sweet Sun-Filled Vacation co-stars agree! First, Luann's jet picture won over Melissa with some heart eye emojis. Classic friend-supporting-friend emoji choice, Melissa! Though, the only thing I'm heart-eyeing is Luann's hashtag use... #iTunes. (We get it! They're lyrics to your song!)

Go For It
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