Caroline Manzo’s comments about Teresa

Y’all I dunno. I find the Manzo family to be so thirsty. (Except for Queen Dina.) Caroline went on son Albie’s podcast and said she would get “great pleasure” to “knock the s–t out of” Guidice “verbally” and “put her in her place.”

“I am tired of certain things,” she added. “I am tired of her opening her very uneducated mouth and using me as a weapon to say that I was the one that spearheaded her IRS claim and stuff like that. We are not those people.”

Teresa had a good comeback. She was like, it’s pretty sad that Caroline has to go on her son’s podcast and talk shit about me to get some press. Tre, in this case, is not wrong.

I definitely don’t want any Manzos back on RHONJ. They had their time. It would just bring the story lines backwards.

Would you want Caroline back?