Greg Bennett Chats 'RHONJ,' 'RHOBH,' & Why He's Not On Bravo Anymore

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Greg Bennett Chats 'RHONJ,' 'RHOBH,' & Why He's Not On Bravo Anymore

It's been five years since we got to enjoy the fruits of Greg Bennett's labor on Manzo'd with Children, but just because he's gone, doesn't mean he's forgotten. Which is why Sam Bush, host of Hot Off The Mess, was ecstatic to interview him about everything Bravo — RHONJ, RHONY, RHOBH, and why he wasn't on it anymore.

"I was told that I wasn't an essential worker," he told Sam in today's bonus episode of the Hot Off The Mess podcast. "It was my first Val Cherish moment."

As Val would say, we don't want to see that happen to Greg. But he's got plenty going on, with an upcoming wedding, supporting his fiancé's candle line — and, of course, watching Bravo. So he and Sam break down everything that needs to be said about the week in Bravo, including what's going on with the RHONY cast ("It's not a great year for them," he says), who has become a RHOBH stand-out ("Sutton has early season Shannon Beador energy"), and who needs to come back: "Bethenny belongs on [RHONY]," Bennett says. "That's her lane ... Don't host a talk show and pretend to be nice, because you're not nice. You're a monster."

Good thing Greg is. So press play below, or wherever you listen to podcasts, to listen to the special bonus episode, in which Greg also talks about another RHONJ project that might be in the works...

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