Dr. Nicole is the perfect Housewife

Shout out Bravo producers for finally -- finally! -- finding and casting the best new Housewife we've ever had: Dr. Nicole of RHOM. She has. it. all.

- Everyone knows that anesthesiologists have swagger, and Dr. Nic is no exception.

- Her parental drama is real and authentic

- Her marriage seems great, which sets us up for a fun ride ahead as we watch....

- She is SO rich, and knowing that she's got her own career makes it so fun to watch her enjoy this insane lifestyle that her husband mostly pays for. I mean, there's doctor-rich, then there's "Insurance Man"-rich.

- She listens to producers when they tell her to send Larsa a shady mirror

- She stands up for herself

- She has great confessional looks (love the hot pink and black lewk)

- She has a fantastic accent

- She's stunning

More Housewives like Nicole, please!! Especially the career part. It just makes her so much more interesting!