Erika Jayne's Cryptic "Girardi" Instagram — What Does It Mean?

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Erika Jayne's Cryptic "Girardi" Instagram — What Does It Mean?

Every time I think I'm done trying to understand Erika Jayne's Instagram page, she sucks me back in with cryptic posts. On Tuesday, Aug. 31, Erika's "Girardi" Instagram Story took over my brain, and it will not leave me alone. Is it a Highlight Reel cover art? Is it a show of support for her estranged husband/co-defendant, Thomas Girardi? What is happening here?

Erika's no-context post featured an all black background with "Girardi." written in what looks like Times New Roman font, appearing in the top half of the image. That's it: "Girardi." No set up, no follow up, just "Girardi." In the last 19 hours following the post, Erika hasn't explained herself or clarified the weird Story at all. Instead, it's back to business as usual, with her reposting messages of support from friends and fans.

Image: Erika Jayne/Instagram

Without context, it's impossible to know what this message from Erika really means. Fans on Twitter theorized that the post was made to be used as a Story Highlight cover image. However, looking at Erika's Instagram page, it's clear that the black background and font choice aren't in line with the rest of her Highlight cover images, which all have white backgrounds with titles all structured "EJ [INSERT TOPIC HERE]." I'm not convinced she would change her aesthetic, even for a topic as serious as her husband.

Image: Erika Jayne/Instagrams

If it's not a highlight, it feels like a pretty powerful message of support for a husband that allegedly embezzled money from his law firm in part to fund her lavish lifestyle. Just look at the timing. This "Girardi." post comes just a few days Erika was accused of knowing that Girardi paid her bills for over a decade, and was sued for $25 million by the trustee in Girardi's bankruptcy case.

"Erika signed all her tax returns, numerous credit card slips, and was well aware of the money she's spent on the Debtor's credit cards and the Debtor's payment of her personal expenses, " reads the complaint by the trustee. "Her feigned willful blindness and ostrich approach to these expenditures will do absolutely nothing for to limit her liability." (Erika denies these allegations. Her lawyer told Page Six they would fight the charges and "seek sanctions and all possible remedies for the claims brought in bad faith and without any legal merit."

Needless to say, posting the name "Girardi" right now will only draw more attention to the scandal and impending case — not to mention the new charges against her. So, why do it? Perhaps it's her way of reclaiming the Girardi name and asserting her innocence. Or, as @TiWatchesTV pointed out on Twitter, perhaps it's her way of asking media to refer to her as Erika Girardi over Erika Jayne, specifically when it has to do with legal matters. Her legal name is Erika Girardi, after all, and having her legal woes covered under the name "Erika Girardi" could, in theory, allow her a chance to disassociate from the matter entirely once it's over, should she go back to being simply "Erika Jayne."

Though, if this is what she's going for, someone might want to tell her to change her display names on Instagram and Twitter from "ERIKA JAYNE" to "ERIKA GIRARDI." Just a thought.


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Image: Erika Jayne/Instagram

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