Investigating Erika & Tom's Divorce Timeline, Based On Outfits & Instagrams

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Investigating Erika & Tom's Divorce Timeline, Based On Outfits & Instagrams

I'm a very nosey person. And I love being nosey because a teacher once told me that "knowledge is power," so the more nosey I am, the more I know. And the more I know, the more power I have. Thus, being nosey = power. It's simple math.

So when I was watching the RHOBH premiere on Wednesday, and I heard Erika Jayne/Girardi talk at length about her now estranged husband Tom and how they got closer during quarantine, naturally, I was confused. Wait, what is the timeline of Erika and Tom's divorce? There's no way they were ACTUALLY happy when she was saying this, right? If not, why say anything at all? You're divorcing and there's a scandal happening, ICYMI, girl. We know you guys weren't just joining the Puzzle Train every night during the early pandemy, arguing over Who Is On Corner Watch.

Like I said, I was nosey. I wanted to know so much about her personal life, a life she says not even the other Housewives know much of, so I poked around and now I'm sharing my findings with all of you.

Going off of news stories and headlines, I've broken down a guide to when something was being filmed and what was happening In The Real World at that time. For example, did you know that the party, sorry, barbecue at Dorit's house house took place less than two weeks before Erika and Tom announced their divorce? Me neither! Until I was nosey and did some Instagram stalking.

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