I Accidentally Discovered That Kathy & Kyle Have The Most Bizarre Tick In Common

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I Accidentally Discovered That Kathy & Kyle Have The Most Bizarre Tick In Common

There are many iconic Kathy Hilton moments from this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There's the portable fans... the howling... the Hunky Dory... the list goes on. One moment that caught our attention was when Kathy was caught on camera doing her makeup during one of the more tense moments of Rinna's lip launch party. Remember Garcelle's "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you" line when Dorit brought up Garcelle/Erika's fight in Tahoe? Well this was Kathy during that...

She's perfection.

But if I were to ask you to name another iconically tense Erika-related moment in RHOBH history you'd say... what?

The right answer is when Eileen brought up Erika's son at a Hong Kong dinner and Erika delivered her, "Don't you ever bring up my kid again" line just moments before, "you don't know what I deal with every night." If you don't remember (how?), here's a link and here's a screenshot from the moment.

And in the words of Wendy Williams, what was that?

Why are the Richards sisters always reapplying their makeup in tense moments? Is it a coping mechanism to avoid conflict? The knowledge that this scene will certainly make it to air and wanting to look their best? A Big Kathy trait none of us will ever know because American Woman was ripped from our hands too soon?

More importantly... who has the footage of Kim Richards doing this exact same thing?

Images: Bravo

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