Just 21 Moments Kathy Hilton Went Rogue On ‘RHOBH’ Last Night

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Just 21 Moments Kathy Hilton Went Rogue On ‘RHOBH’ Last Night

Kathy Hilton doesn't give a fuck that she's on reality TV. Either that, or she doesn't entirely realize she's on reality TV. Doesn't really matter if it's Door 1 or Door 2... what matters is that Kathy Hilton is on RHOBH and is completely chaotic.

In the second episode of RHOBH Season 11, the women went to Tahoe. It is one of many girls' trips to come this season, considering they filmed during COVID and they can't actually do anything. (Though, we're probably better for it knowing we won't have to painfully watch the women gather at Erika's ShoeDazzle launch.)

Speaking of... the Tahoe trip didn't involve Erika revealing her divorce, or her husband's legal scandal, or any of the things we want to see this season. But it did feature Kathy Hilton. And Kathy Hilton is no consolation prize, let me tell you that.

In this hour-long episode alone, Kathy was so subtly unhinged in the best way possible — like a kooky aunt you can't wait to see at Christmas. So I documented all of those moments below.

When She Dressed For Comfort For A Flight

Erika is in a cropped (faux?) fur jacket and Kathy wore a hot pink windbreaker, straight from Boca.

When She Was The Antithesis Of The Entire Show

Considering this is what the Real Housewives franchise revolves around... buckle up like Garcelle on a small plane, Kath — you're in for a real ride.

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