17 Quotes From The 'RHOBH' Amsterdam Dinner, Ranked

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17 Quotes From The 'RHOBH' Amsterdam Dinner, Ranked

In the 10 years since The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hit our TV screens, the show has been responsible for a plethora of quotable moments. “He will never emotionally fulfill you, ever.” “You stole my goddamn house!” “Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?” The list goes on. But, there is one scene that brought us so many memorable quotes at such a fast pace that it will always be a part of Housewives history: The season 5 RHOBH Amsterdam dinner.

For those unacquainted (as for those acquainted, go ahead and skip this paragraph, you know it by heart): After touching down in Amsterdam, where the women plan to see where Yolanda Hadid grew up, meet her family, and discuss how they absolutely shouldn’t eat weed cake (Or should they? No, no, that’s so bad, you guys! Or is it…?), the women go out for their first meal. In an effort to have them clear the air as the trip begins, Yolanda asks if anyone wants to share anything personal that can connect them further — you know, a typical Housewives conversation starter. She herself talks about her daughter getting a DUI. Lisa Rinna then talks about losing her older sister to a drug and alcohol overdose, which she sees as the perfect segue to apologize(ish) to Kim Richards for questioning her sobriety in conversations with the other women. Kim’s not having it. The fight kicks off from there, and builds upon itself until a wine glass is thrown and Kim’s sister, Kyle Richards, creates a wonderful gif for all of us to enjoy.

The entire fight is only six-and-a-half minutes long, but it’s six-and-a-half minutes of iconic quote followed by iconic quote, with plenty of reaction shots of the cast members thrown in. It’s a scene so beloved by Housewives fans that a parody ASMR version has even been made.

Here are 17 of the best quotes from the scene, ranked — from the line that kicked it all off to the line that RHOBH fans will be repeating for years to come.

17. “Well, you have.” -Kim to Rinna

This is not the most quotable line, obviously, but these are the three words that initiate the entire fight. When Rinna tries to apologize and says, “I’m sorry if I’ve ever gotten into your business,” Kim replies, “Well, you have.” With that, the tone changes. The background music drops out. The other women look shocked. It’s on.

Image: Bravo

16. “Go after your new friend, Kyle.” -Kim to Kyle

We go from the beginning with of the fight with #17 to the end with #16. Kim yells this line at her sister, who she feels isn’t supporting her and is taking Rinna’s side instead. This quote comes after the fight is over, but it’s notable because it reminds us all of Kyle literally running out of the restaurant like she was in a horror movie. (And she would know. As season 10 and her bangs made sure we were well aware, she is in both the original Halloween and the upcoming sequel Halloween Kills.)

15. “Let’s talk about your home life.” -Kim to Rinna

We’ll get to some more famous “let’s talk” and “let’s not talk” quotes below, but this first one that Kim spits out early in the fight is worth mentioning, too, as it’s a hint of what’s to come. The scene might only be six minutes long, but it even had foreshadowing.

14. “Well, I’m talking to you.” -Eileen to Kim

Oh, Eileen Davidson. Her participation in this argument cannot be overstated. The fight was based on a disagreement between Rinna and Kim, but Eileen expertly inserted herself in the drama and was responsible for one particularly important quote. We’ll get to that later, but the #14 spot goes to her wonderful line reading of “Well, I’m talking to you.”

13. “Don’t point your finger at me, Kim.” -Eileen to Kim

So many fingers have been pointed in the Real Housewives franchise over the years. Of course, this fight had to include one. Eileen speaks this line to Kim early on in the argument when Kim blames Eileen for being part of the gossip about her sobriety.

12. “Kyle, shush up.” -Kim to Kyle

Kyle’s involvement in the argument is based around Kim’s claim that Kyle never defends her when she is at odds with the other women. Kyle tries to get Kim to stop yelling at Rinna and Eileen and says, “What is wrong with you?” Kim responds, "Kyle, shush up” and then goes after her sister for not sticking up for her. She also says that when they were on a plane and she asked Rinna to stop talking about her, Kyle sat there like this:

Image: Bravo

“What the fuck is that?” Kim asks. I'm still not sure!

11. "I’m concerned about you!” -Kim to Rinna

The entire fight is really just Kim escalating and escalating and escalating. Rinna tries to tell Kim that when she would talk to the other women about her sobriety, it was out of concern. Kim responds, “I’m concerned about you!” She seriously would not let a single thing Rinna had to say get past her without a comeback. As you may notice, there aren’t a lot of Rinna quotes on this list. That’s because Rinna can barely get a word in… until she explodes at the end.

10. “Guess what? I don’t particularly like you, either. I can’t find one damn thing to like about you right now in the moment.” -Eileen to Kim

Eileen really had a lot more to say than Rinna, which is easy to forget because when you think about this meal gone wrong, Rinna’s wine glass toss comes to mind first. This quote from Eileen gets extra points for sounding hilariously, unnecessarily formal.

9. “Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out.” -Kim to Rinna

Look, we all know we’re going to be getting to a quote or two about “the husband” on this list, so there’s no need to talk around it. As a way to launch into her vague claim that she had information on Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, Kim threw out this even vaguer sentiment. We’ll probably never know for sure what Kim was referring to or if she really did just make it up, but I like the idea of anyone using this line as an unsubstantiated threat to just mess with someone. “What don’t I want out?” your frenemy/Twitter troll/failed Bumble date will think.

8. “How dare me?” -Kim to Eileen

Kim says this after Eileen says “How dare you?” to her. It’s ranked this high on the list because, 1) It’s part of a very important and highly ranked exchange that we’ll get to soon. 2) The phrasing of “How dare me?” rather than “How dare I?” is just funny.

Image: Bravo

7. “Kathy would not ever act like this. Kathy would have my back like a real sister.” -Kim to Kyle

There’s always been something thrilling about the times that Kyle and Kim mention their half-sister Kathy Hilton on RHOBH. While she appeared on the show a few times, she still had an elusiveness to her. Would Kathy ever act like this? Would Kathy have Kim’s back like a real sister? There was no way of really knowing. (Until now. Kathy’s going to be appearing as a Friend Of on season 11.)

6. “I’ve never found one thing to like about you … From your hair to your face to your attitude.” -Kim to Eileen

Sliding in a random dig about Eileen’s appearance into the absolute chaos that was this fight is just good Housewives-ing. This might be the most underrated quote from the episode. It’s easy to miss amongst everything else, but once you notice it, it’s impossible to forget.

5. “You never go near my husband … Don’t ever go after my fucking husband!” -Rinna to Kim

Now we’re into the big leagues. The top five. RHOBH fans know all of these well. Rinna tossing her drink at Kim and then shattering the glass on the table is in the Housewives Hall of Fame. This is the line she speaks while she does it. No one will ever forget — or ever go near her husband.

Image: Bravo

4. “Let’s talk about the husband.”-Kim to Rinna

Kim saying “Let’s talk about the husband” took the fight to the next level when it already seemed like it couldn’t surge any further. It’s the reason Rinna threw that wine glass.

But, “Let’s talk about the husband” isn’t only important because of what it meant for the plot. There’s something about the odd phrasing of the sentence that really sticks with you. Kim could have said “Let’s talk about your husband” or “Let’s talk about Harry.” “Let’s talk about the husband” is almost like Kim needed to distance herself from Rinna; like saying “your” would be too personal for this woman she finds so vile. It’s brilliant.

3. “Shut your fucking mouth. I’ve had enough of you, you beast.” -Kim to Eileen

Also brilliant? Kim calling Eileen a “beast”. To be clear, Eileen is not a beast. I love her and wish she would return to RHOBH. (I also understand that she is probably too normal for this show.) Again, the things Kim says in this fight seem so random yet so specific at the same time. You don’t hear someone getting called a “beast” everyday. It’s refreshing and very Kim Richards.

Image: Bravo

2. “Beast?! How dare you?”-Eileen to Kim

Viewers weren’t the only ones surprised to hear the word “beast”. Eileen’s reaction to the insult took her genuine shock and combined it with her soap opera acting background. Her delivery of “Beast?! How dare you?” is incredibly dramatic. It should have won her another Daytime Emmy on its own.

1. “Why don’t you have a piece of bread and maybe you’ll calm down a little.”-Kim to Rinna

This quote has everything. To start, it is so condescending. Kim and Rinna were both going at it, so for Kim to act like she’s chill and Rinna is a toddler having a temper tantrum is ridiculous — and hilarious.

Second, like so many quotes from Kim listed here, it really shows off her eccentric, but quick wit. Kim doesn’t miss a beat before saying this line, and there’s almost something visceral about it. Like you can picture the piece of bread absorbing Rinna’s anger.

Lastly, it’s immensely quotable. “Beast?! How dare you?” really only works if someone calls you a beast. (Or if you just enjoy saying it around your house for only your dog to hear.) “Why don’t you have a piece of bread and maybe you’ll calm down a little” works for any confrontation, whether your roommate is mad at you for leaving dishes in the sink or your literal toddler needs to calm down and you know they won’t pick up on the reference. It’s perfect.

Image: Bravo

Honorable mention: Brandi Glanville’s shocking silence throughout the scene.

It was the first and the last time we ever saw such a thing.


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